About us

Freely Store is part of Famyfuerza. A family company run by digital nomads

A new start

Three years ago we got the plan to start an own web shop.

We were on the road and drove from country to country. While talking about the products we wanted to sell and which concept to follow.

In those months it became clear to us that Freely Store had to be about discovering other cultures, spirituality, and not so daily items. Products that would show the hidden unique parts of a personality. And products to make life easier, healthier and happier.

Something unique

Clothes and accessories can make or break someone's x-factor. When you put two people together to give them the exact same outfit, both will look different. There are people who can even wear a potato bag and will look stunning but most of us are not so lucky. We all have parts of our body which make us wonder if we are not too thin or too fat. And we all are happy when we can change into a more comfortable outfit when we are at home.

Famyfuerza is looking for products which will give our customers the feeling that they can be themselves.  And when someone feels comfortable the inner beauty is starting to shine through. It will give him or her that unique glow that no one else has.

Our motto is " We want to give others a part of their uniqueness and self-awareness back by providing them easy feel products. Life is too short to feel uncomfortable and to walk without that hat, just because of what others might think. "

Now, who is Famyfuerza and does the name have a special meaning?

Famyfuerza means the ones who have the strength, courage, and determination to go on, no matter what kind of obstacles come on their way.

MJ (52) is a digital illustrator, blogger, and writer. After successfully being active on online Marketplaces for years she decided that it was time to turn a new way in the selling business. Together with her son Martijn (23), she started the Famyfuerza Store.

Company Legal Address:

(Please don't send anything to this address!)

Famyfuerza OÜ
Männimäe, Pudisoo küla
Kuusalu vald, Harjumaa
74626 Estonia

Estonian business register number: 14416034


Storage Location:

Waalwijk, the Netherlands