Bohemian Vibe Pendant Necklace


A beautiful harmony pendant necklace, with a special meaning for pregnant women.

Harmony pendant necklaces are worn on very long ropes,

so that it reaches the belly,

as it is believed that from about half way through the maternity,

the unborn baby will hear the soft sound coming from the harmony pendant.

This soft sound is said to soothe the baby and have calming effects on the mother to be.

The harmony pendant has a golden, warm blue and red color.

With a beautiful flower motif underneath and on top.

It will not only give you a special feeling during this precious time but also a great memory long after your baby is born.

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Style: Pregnancy

Color: Blue, Red, Gold

Gender: Women

How to attach: Metal Closure

Material: Silver Plated Copper

Metals Type: Copper

Lenght: 58 cm / 23 inches


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